Monthly Archives: December 2013

#5 Learn a new skill

For this task, I decided i wanted to learn how to bake ! I’ve never really baked before as i’m not a “sweet tooth” kind of gal, but I thought for Christmas I would bake loaf cakes for people. I made eight in total, and four different kinds: 1. Yorkshire barmbrack 2. Carrot cake with […]

#10 Go to an independent art gallery

On 4th November Elliott and I went to the Leeds Gallery to see the Yorkshire Photographers Exhibition. The gallery was very nicely set out, a modern open space with lots of natural light and clean white walls. There was a shop with lots of nice books and magazines to offer and a nice cafe where […]

Editing The Films

Here are some screenshots of the editing of my films, on Final Cut Pro. I learnt more about lighting, shape masks, retiming etc.

Making Film #2 Results

Unfortunately, I was unable to have my films completed by the first deadline. As always, I should have organised more! Here is the film which I submitted for the deadline: The film is very very poor! The logo isn’t right, it doesn’t fit the screen, the editing is rubbish and the music doesn’t go well […]

Making Film #1 Final Results

Here are the edits from the first film I made, the smoking film, inspired from the film I made in the first half of the module with the gas mask. I wanted to make it very simple, very clean, very minimalistic. I wanted their to be minimal colour also. The film would be promoting the […]

Making the Films

I really enjoyed making the films for this project as it wasn’t something I’d done before. There were a lot of ups and downs though! 1. The Smoking Balaclava Film This film was very easy to make, and I filmed it in my house. I bought a piece of a1 white card to use as […]

Flag / Body Paint Photography Results

Here are the results from the flag / body paint shoot. I’m really really dissappointed at how they turned out… My original model who I was using pulled out the same morning that I had booked the studio, so I had to use my housemate instead. However, I wanted to use this particular model as […]