Flag / Body Paint Photography Results

Here are the results from the flag / body paint shoot. I’m really really dissappointed at how they turned out… My original model who I was using pulled out the same morning that I had booked the studio, so I had to use my housemate instead.

However, I wanted to use this particular model as she felt very comfortable being fully nude, which I needed for the body paint film, and my housemate was comfortable with her top half being on show, but not the bottom. Therefore, that same morning, I purchased a PVC silver metallic skirt from Topshop which she could wear which would also blend in with the body paint I had bought. I then had problems with the body paint – the body paint ended up peeling and rubbing off very easily, so the skin could be seen and didn’t look nice at all. We then resorted to using silver metallic spray (maybe not the best idea) but that worked really well when it was layered ontop of the body paint. However! It quickly ran out so unfortunately we couldn’t spray her face, which I wanted to do.

I’m disappointed to how they have turned out, and only ended up using two of the images on my final website. I should have made sure the settings on the DSLR were set correctly, as a lot of my images were ruined which is annoying as I really should know this by now. This also resulted in the images I liked not matching, as I couldn’t edit them to look very similar to one another.


Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 10.22.14

This is the photo that i am most happy with, which I used on the “Film” page of my website. I edited the “Gramm” logo onto it so it had the brand name on it. This photograph isn’t posed – I don’t know why but the two photographs that were my favourite were the ones not posed – the ones i took whilst the model was moving into position, whereas I think the photographs of her modelling were too posed. Screen shot 2013-12-09 at 23.41.05

This is another favourite from the shoot, and again, this wasn’t posed.

I thought these images were too harsh for promotion so I decided not to use them.




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