Making Film #1 Final Results

Here are the edits from the first film I made, the smoking film, inspired from the film I made in the first half of the module with the gas mask.

I wanted to make it very simple, very clean, very minimalistic. I wanted their to be minimal colour also. The film would be promoting the brand’s new signature piece of their line, their balaclava.

I’m happy with my final film, although I should have filmed more footage, as I was editing with only two pieces of footage so I didn’t have too much to work with. I struggled a bit trying to make the film look good enough and not too repetitive, and I still have work to do on the final one in regards to the timing.

This is my first draft of the film, which I thought was very boring and repetitive. It’s meant to be promotional and I think the first edit of the film isn’t exciting; it wouldn’t get people excited about the new season, or brand. So I changed it, adding in more quick flashes and retiming it.

This is the final version of the film

I still think the smoking bit in the middle maybe carries on for too long, however, I wanted the “Gramm” logo to pop up where they are in the film, as it fits i with the songs “beep” (00.04 & 00.46 seconds)

Overall, I am quite happy with the film, although it does need retiming still with the flashes, and could do with more footage to make it more exciting.


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