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Chinese Centre Promotional Work

I recently took photos for a social media campaign for the Chinese Contemporary Arts Centre in Manchester. I think it is important for me to experience working with businesses, for portfolio reasons and for networking reasons. Advertisements

Extended Practice

For my extended practice, I am going to undergo small film projects and a much larger online publication. 1. Promotional film for client – ‘NOAK’ – A UK based independent businesses producing one of a kind luxury blankets and tapestry. 2. Promotional film for client – ‘Forexcellence’ – A foreign exchange 10 week course. Video […]

COP3 Guantanamo Practical Development – Background Research of Interior

Background Research of Interior I thought it was important to document where i got all information from, and how it related back to my subject of Freedom of Information. I thought this important as I am trying to document how we all have access to this information (due to organisations etc such as Wikileaks) and […]

Practical Development – Making The Guantanamo Bay Installation

Once I had my measurements made out to Roger at wood work, we started working on the box together. Our plan was to firstly start with the side walls then do the front frame and attach it. Below I have added a guide by guide step of the two days i spent with Roger making […]

COP3 Project Research

WorldDocs An Associative Exploration of Capitalism Capitalism is the most dominating ideology at the present day impacting most aspects of natural and social life. Though its misanthropic and destructive qualities have been revealed over and over since it rose, it is still very successful in concealing its inherent systemic risks and maintaining an uninformed consumerist […]

COP3 Dissertation Meeting with James

Had a dissertation meeting with Matt to just confirm my subject choice. I had worries that my dissertation project wasn’t too relevant to my previous title “What was the role of social media in the Arab Spring,” I also had worries in which I spoke to Sharon about that this question had been used a […]


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