Extended Practice

For my extended practice, I am going to undergo small film projects and a much larger online publication.

1. Promotional film for client – ‘NOAK’ – A UK based independent businesses producing one of a kind luxury blankets and tapestry.

2. Promotional film for client – ‘Forexcellence’ – A foreign exchange 10 week course. Video will promote others to join the 10 week tutoring to learn how to start in foreign exchange

3. Hip Hop film – Ruffy Rodriguez – Manchester based rapper based in Leeds

4. Main project will be an online publication. The publication will celebrate creative living and artisan foods, all independent businesses. It will focus on the gathering, the wandering, the original thinkers, the creatives the bold, the brave, and the dreamers. It will feature makers, designers, creative projects, travel, recipes, and events. The publication will be focused around Cheshire, Manchester, my home town.

So far, I have:

  • A tree surgeon
  • A furniture maker who sources his wood from the tree surgeon
  • A barber
  • A baker
  • A farmer

I want to ensure that within this project, I plan it extremely carefully, so I can get as much information, film and photography as possible and so I can design it out extremely well.


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