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Self-directed photography blog documenting my local market in Altrincham Advertisements

PPP – Promotion for restaurant

For one of my main projects for PPP – working with a professional business in an industry / media I want to educate myself more about, I worked with a local independent restaurant which has newly opened in my hometown of Altrincham, Manchester. I know that my work is digital based – my strengths and […]

PPP – Promotional photography and film for businesses

Initially, I was going to do branding for my PPP project. However, I would much rather do this as a major project, as I wouldn’t want to rush it within this deadline. For the 4 days I have been working with a few local businesses in Altrincham. I grew up in this town and there […]

PPP – Research into Jobs

I had my PPP tutorial with Graham this week. We spoke about thoughts of what I would be doing after University. Still, I am quite unsure. I also spoke to Sharon at my dissertation meeting and she suggested that I look into researching as I am good at this. I have been looking online at […]

PPP Development – Logo

Here are a few of my developments for the logo of the Dim Sum Bar so far: I like the use of the red, blue and black together. Although, I feel as if the colours would work easier being black on all of the branding, however, I can easily change this in my later developments. […]

Logo Research – Traditional Asian Signage

I’ve decided to research traditional forms of street food stalls as I love the look of them and would love to incorporate a traditional style within my design. I want to similarly have a simple design to reflect these designs also. Most of the design has the colours red, white and blue.

Books To Read

Here are two books I will be getting to do research into the food branding business.