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Dissertation Partial Draft

Although I have started writing about social media and the Arab Spring, I may change it to compare it to the social media restrictions in China, as I think there’s too much already done on just social media and the Arab Spring. What was the Role of Social Media during the Arab Spring? (Focussing on […]

Other Artist Research

Artist research (I will continuously add to this) Artists who have used social media and digital technologies Influence of social media on political activism Collective activism to circumvent state operated media channels Communication in activism   Ai Wei Wei Ai Weiwei’s work is indelibly tied to the fight for freedom of speech.He has consistently drawn […]

COP3 New Dissertation Title

So I had a tutorial with David today as I was unsure about my dissertation still and needed more guidance, in which I got. As I was planning on doing religion, I soon discovered that religion was too vast and I needed to focus more on one subject. I have now decided to do my […]

Anthropology and the Study of Religion

Readings Describes the development of several Western approaches to studying religion, and show how these ultimately led to the anthropological perspective Introduce the four-field approach of contemporary American anthropology, and demonstrate how each of these fields can contribute to an understanding of religiosity. Introduce several core evolutionary principles, and consider how these can help […]

COP 3 Dissertation

I want to research a lot more before I start writing, I’d much rather write when I have all the notes and research that I need. I’m still not sure if I am focussing on the right amount of subjects. Ideally, I would like to write about subjects such as globalism, ethnic violence, religion, cultural […]

Famous Anthropologists

Here’s a list of research I did into famous anthropologists.   Famous Cultural Anthropologists: Marcel Mauss (1872 – 1950) French anthropologist.   Intrigued by the study of religion and ancient languages. The idea of religion analysed with a social perspective led Mauss to become a great proponent of “social ethnology” (the comparative, usually first-hand study of […]

Socio-cultural Anthropological Documentaries

So I have FINALLY decided to write my dissertation on socio-cultural anthropological documentaries. Socio-cultural anthropology studies the rules of being a human and emphasises the concept of culture, with culture being the term we apply to all of the beliefs and customs that we learn as members of society and which bind members of any given […]