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#10 Go to an Independent gallery exhibition

In October Elliot, Rhea & I went to the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds, to see the Tom Stoddart exhibition. I loved the art gallery, very open and modern. I thought Stoddart’s photography was very powerful. His photographs were hung up very minimalistic and also projected onto two walls. I thought he had captured the […]

Respond to tutorial


Had my second tutorial with Sharon today. Went in kind of confused as to the practical work I should be doing, but now i feel a lot better in terms of what I have to work on over the next two weeks. Took out a few books about screenwriting so got kind of interested in […]

Analysing short film structure

I started by researching films in the kind of style that I wanted. As I wanted to learn more about the structure of a film and how a film is put together, I decided to break down the film and write about each scene, like a storyboard 00.00 SCENERY. INTRODUCES THE SCENE AND SURROUNDING CITY […]

Reading research

These are two of the books I got out of the library last week. Whilst researching short films, I became interested in the script writing part of producing a film: I want to learn more about how a film is written, structured and thought about, not only just how to shoot a film and edit. […]

Proposed Research for COP Project / Essay

DOCUMENTING SUBCULTURES IN CITY Arnau Bach – Photographing Parisian Seine St Denis, a large suburb just out of the city Michael Wolf – Architectural density / society photography? – Cubicle apartments in Hong Kong James Mollison – Where children sleep

Proposed Research for COP Project / Essay

CRIME PHOTOJOURNALISM Oscar B Castillo – Street gangs of caracas Anton Kusters – Japan’s organised crime Yakuza, the Shinseikai family