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#16 Visit somewhere beginning with your first and last name

1. Leeds Sculpture Park My Sister, Grandad and I visited Leeds Sculpture Park. My Grandfather used to be a landscape architect so is very kean on visiting gardens. However, he is gradually getting on now (he is now 89) so it is harder for him to get around without a car. Every time my sister […]

#30 Choose your own task

For this task I decided to sign a petition which meant something to me. The petition was to save a music venue which has been a key part of Manchester for the past 23 years. There is currently a resident who has been living there less than one year and his threat could end an […]

#26 Cook a meal inspired by a film or book

For this task, I made hash with baked eggs. I love cooking! I have cooked for my Father since I was 15 and love doing the Tesco shops ! I made a chorizo, chickpea, chilli, tomato and chorizo hash with baked eggs on top. It was a Spanish cuisine, inspired by the film Volver  

#4 Teach someone a skill I taught my friend how to use WordPress, as she has started a fashion blog. I also took the photography for one of her posts.

#6 Take part in a quiz

Hannah Warner threw a quiz night at her house ! Was a very fun and funny night. Me and Lou were in a team, called “SuLou,” and came second and won two bags of crisps hurrah !

#14 Visit an event

A couple of months ago I went to a Ted Talk with my father and friend in Salford. Here are the speakers from the evening: 1. Thad Starner / Technical lead at Google Glass 2. Tariq Ramadan – Public Intellectual & Philosopher 3. Eleanor Longden – Research Psychologist 4. Graham Hughes – Record Breaking Adventurer […]

#25 Review an International Blog

I absolutely LOVE the blog “What Ali Wore” The concept of this blog is very simple, and I just think it is fabulous! It is a photo blog based in Berlin, documenting the outfits of Ali, a man who walks past Zoe Spawton flat every day. Weekly, I will look at the blog for […]