Monthly Archives: July 2014

Research Project – Food Research – Packaging

Next year when i start this project, I will also want to design all the packaging for the food / juices. I want to do this as I think branding will be extremely important, especially if it is a brand heavily reliant on visual imagery. I also think it will be good i design and […]

Research project – Food Research – Food photography – Household Items

Here i found an article “Ten household items that can improve your food photography”     From the food photography photos I particularly love, they are very natural and rustic. The colours are neutral or pale, and involves a lot of different textures. Wooden textures, scrumbled paper, soft materials, bright citric colours. I believe you […]

Research Project – Food Research – Food Photography

With this project next year, where I will be making food, photographing it, & documenting it as I go along on a blog in the hope to finally sell products, I will have to start researching into food photography. I know that food photography is going to be a massive part of the project. I […]

Research Project – Food Research

I also wanted to start researching into bread deliveries and bakeries. I love the thought of having a fresh bread delivery service in the local area. I am currently working at a deli now and the bread sells incredibly fast – although all of it is frozen and not fresh. Here are my thoughts… – […]

Research Project – Food Research

I have always wanted to open my own food shop, or takeaway delivery service. From the age of 15 after my mother died, I started making food for my father every night, and also buying the food from markets, delis and supermarkets. I love cooking and baking! I have recently just got a job working […]