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COP3 Project Research

WorldDocs An Associative Exploration of Capitalism Capitalism is the most dominating ideology at the present day impacting most aspects of natural and social life. Though its misanthropic and destructive qualities have been revealed over and over since it rose, it is still very successful in concealing its inherent systemic risks and maintaining an uninformed consumerist […]

COP3 Dissertation Meeting with James

Had a dissertation meeting with Matt to just confirm my subject choice. I had worries that my dissertation project wasn’t too relevant to my previous title “What was the role of social media in the Arab Spring,” I also had worries in which I spoke to Sharon about that this question had been used a […]


Self-directed photography blog documenting my local market in Altrincham

PPP – Promotion for restaurant

For one of my main projects for PPP – working with a professional business in an industry / media I want to educate myself more about, I worked with a local independent restaurant which has newly opened in my hometown of Altrincham, Manchester. I know that my work is digital based – my strengths and […]

COP3 Creative Response Tutorial – 3/12/14

So for my dissertation practical piece I am: Trying to encourage people to educate themselves about government and policies Trying to raise awareness of leaked information and government censorship Looking at government suppression of information and how social media can be used as a means to navigate around this (In this case a lot of […]