PPP – Promotional photography and film for businesses

Initially, I was going to do branding for my PPP project. However, I would much rather do this as a major project, as I wouldn’t want to rush it within this deadline.

For the 4 days I have been working with a few local businesses in Altrincham. I grew up in this town and there have been some huge changes! (It was never too nice) A lot of independent businesses have now started opening which I love, and I noticed one of the businesses didn’t have any photography or promotional work. So I decided to approach him when I was in Manchester and just explained what I do etc. He loved how I wanted to help, and so I got to work.

I got out two lenses from the photography – a canon 50mm and a wide angle lens. (I already have a 24-105mm and a Canon 5d mk ii) However, when I got home I was quite annoyed that the wide angle lens wouldn’t work with the camera which I thought was a real shame.

Initially I was just going to stick to photography, but as the interior and exterior is so beautiful, I decided that a promotional film would be really nice, too. As I wasn’t planning on making a promotional film, I didn’t do any research into existing promotional video work which I will look at now. (I have lots of footage but would just like more guidance on putting it together!) I am also working on Final Cut Pro on my laptop as I am working from Manchester and it is soooooo ridiculously slow!

There were a few problems I accounted whilst working in the restaurant….

– Firstly, the lighting is quite awkward inside, it is a very yellowy colour, but I am sure I can edit this later.

– The manager wasn’t really sure what he wanted doing – he kept saying how un-artistic he was so he left me to it – in a way it was good but then sometimes I wasn’t sure if it was what he wanted

– The restaurant got extremely busy! So it was very difficult for me to whack my tripod out as it would have got in the way of the flow of the restaurant and disturbed the customers, so I had to chose very carefully when and where I was filming

– Asking permission from every person but everyone was more than happy to be in it, not one person said no

– Really wanted to make a time-lapse but then realised I needed a tim lapse timer which I didn’t have or understand anything about so I just filmed for a long time and hoping to speed it up in Final Cut afterwards.

More to come!


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