Making Film #2 Results

Unfortunately, I was unable to have my films completed by the first deadline. As always, I should have organised more! Here is the film which I submitted for the deadline:

The film is very very poor! The logo isn’t right, it doesn’t fit the screen, the editing is rubbish and the music doesn’t go well either….

Here is my final film…

I’m quite happy with the final film, although, I wasn’t sure for a long time whether I should make two seperate films; one of the woodland and one of the skateboarding. However, after advice, I chose to use both the woodland and the skateboarding in one film. I need to improve a lot on my editing skills, but Matt reassured me that in time, I will improve. I was annoyed that i had nice footage but I struggled quite a bit editing it to look how I would want it to look like.

If I were to edit again, I would make the transitions smoother, the clips longer and generally make it blend more in with each clip and with the music.

I also need to start editing on Premier. I edited these films using Final Cut Pro as I have the software on my laptop, however, it is quite slow and when coming into college to speak to Matt, he mentioned that he knows a lot more on Premier.




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