Had my second tutorial with Sharon today.

Went in kind of confused as to the practical work I should be doing, but now i feel a lot better in terms of what I have to work on over the next two weeks. Took out a few books about screenwriting so got kind of interested in the structure of making a film and storyboarding, as i never have planned one before. Therefore, over the next weeks I will now be focussing a lot more on the technical, development side. Therefore, Sharon & I made a list of things I can be doing over the next two weeks to ensure I have the sufficient amount of practical work.

I went down and spoke to Paul at studio lighting about having an induction. Emailed Marianne & Louise so hopefully I will be able to get an induction soon so I can learn about how to use the lights, and so I can use the studio independently. (I would much rather learn about the lighting myself so I can independently work and be able to experiment myself rather than collaborate and never learn much) I will also reinforce this studio lighting research by taking out books in the library, and online research. If i am unable to use the studio lighting, I will instead film short clips without lighting and focus more on editing in Final Cut Pro & Premier.

1. ORGANISATION – Yet again, I am crap with my organisation, and yet again, it has slowed me down! So I am going to write a plan to show the work I have to do, and when.

2. PREMIERE – Play about with clips – screenshot edited clips and blog about the process.

3. STORYBOARD – Write out the story and basic structure & storyboard

4. LOOK – Research other films relevant, screenshot, write out structure

5. HOW TO RECREATE LOOKS – Play around and if I have any ideas or particular looks, try to recreate these.

6. READING RESEARCH – Get out lighting books from the library for research.

NOTES: Sharon mentioned art direction as a career – research


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