For one of my main projects for PPP – working with a professional business in an industry / media I want to educate myself more about, I worked with a local independent restaurant which has newly opened in my hometown of Altrincham, Manchester. I know that my work is digital based – my strengths and […]

So for my dissertation practical piece I am: Trying to encourage people to educate themselves about government and policies Trying to raise awareness of leaked information and government censorship Looking at government suppression of information and how social media can be used as a means to navigate around this (In this case a lot of […]

Initially, I was going to do branding for my PPP project. However, I would much rather do this as a major project, as I wouldn’t want to rush it within this deadline. For the 4 days I have been working with a few local businesses in Altrincham. I grew up in this town and there […]

So just been to see both the print room and wood work room. I went into the print room not knowing much, but now i know it is pretty much impossible to use vinyl lettering. It would be far too time consuming to do, and too much money (which is a shame as this would […]

Today I saw wood work to plan out my room and to make a start with it. I found the guys at wood work very friendly and helpful! I will be ordering the wood today to be delivered on Wednesday to University, which is perfect timing for when I am home from Manchester (I get […]

So I showed the documentary to Sharon, and my best friend Amber who works in TV production. These are a few points they made on the video: – In the opening audio, the font should be half way through it, to split it up a bit, rather than be right at the beginning – The […]

Today I made a short, three minute documentary in which I will play within the installation. I do not want this to be the focal point, but just a video to introduce my subject. I have a lot of work to do on it… Notes: Intro information – too much text? Delete Yemeni information and […]