Woodwork and Printroom

So just been to see both the print room and wood work room.

I went into the print room not knowing much, but now i know it is pretty much impossible to use vinyl lettering. It would be far too time consuming to do, and too much money (which is a shame as this would have looked the best) An alternative Matt gave me was to print onto a huge piece of paper which could then be cut into the 4 panels of my room. The max measurement of this is 1.1 metres however. (So I would set up a document on illustrator which measures 4.4 metres, then I would print and use the remaining letters to wallpaper it onto the walls) This will cost me £100.

I also went to wood and worked out the space size and costs. I am able to do it in wood work, although the cost is another worry (the cost will be minimum £120) This will be making a frame, then hammering boards in for the walls. This will also include a door within the frame.

Now, my main worry is that the cost of

Wood (£120), Printing (£100), Fan/heater (£30), Black paint (£?) and any extras = Approx £260, which is a lot too much than I was hoping (although I never previously added this up which i should have really)

I will need to check if I can get any financial support, it’s a shame if I can’t do this because of money.

An alternative to building the room is to buy a room already made, such as a shed. I have emailed 4 people on GumTree about this so I will just wait for a reply (although I will have to think of other factors such as can it be painted black, windows, moss, mould etc)

I won’t be able to get the wood (if this is what I will do) until Wednesday, so i might not come till Monday, then two days to construct (if he doesn’t have other students to teach) so earliest it would be done would be 2 weeks from now.

Not sure what to do now…


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