Planning the making of the Installation room

Today I saw wood work to plan out my room and to make a start with it. I found the guys at wood work very friendly and helpful! I will be ordering the wood today to be delivered on Wednesday to University, which is perfect timing for when I am home from Manchester (I get back on Wednesday, I will be doing film and photography marketing for a business in my home town in Altrincham for PPP until Wednesday.

So when the guys at wood work asked me to first get my dimensions then come back, I referred back to previous research I had done regarding the actual size of Guantanamo cells, or solitary confinement cells. I found out that the cells were 8 inches x 10 inches x 7 inches. When I measured this out, I found that this room may be too big for the amount of information I have to put in. The whole point is that I want the individual to feel cramped, claustrophobic, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed with the mass amount of information. Therefore, I thought it would be a lot more beneficial if I made the room a lot smaller, as the information would look a lot more crammed in, and would look more than what it is, especially once the walls are painted black. I can also stress the fact that my installation is in fact, SMALLER, than the solitary confinement cells, which may be effective.

As I will be in manchester Sunday – Wednesday next week, I want to ensure I still have work to do whilst I am home. I have been planning the inside of the cell at home (using sheets of A2 paper stuck together on my walls) and writing out the information so I can plan the layout of the inside of the cell. I am a bit worried about this aspect as I don’t think I’m too good at graphics and where things will look appealing! So I thought a good way to constantly refer back to the real size would be to replicate the sheets of A2, So I can visually plan with the A2 sheets. Therefore, I measured the sheets out side by side, making the room approx 1.2 metres x 1.8 metres. I hope so much that the measurements work out okay….



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