Thoughts on first draft of installation documentary

So I showed the documentary to Sharon, and my best friend Amber who works in TV production. These are a few points they made on the video:

– In the opening audio, the font should be half way through it, to split it up a bit, rather than be right at the beginning

– The whole video should be in black and white (particularly of the two photos of detainees who have been released)

– I should use more transitions (although I know this, just haven’t added any in yet)

– Lower audio of Obama whilst detainee photos are on so viewer can concentrate more on the words being said

– Hold the text frames longer as my friend struggled to read them

I have thought a lot about this video last night, and came to the conclusion that:

– I believe if I have headphones, this will make the viewer want to focus in on the video, rather than the video just merely being a background activity

– A hole will have to be cut out of the wall to fit a space for the computer screen – This will look a lot better if the screen was higher up pointed to a slight tilt downwards so the viewer has to look a bit up to see the video (makes it a bit distorted)

– I should get rid of everything on the film which requires concentration, as I want the viewer to be able to look around the installation, being able to read everything on the walls whilst referring back to the film

– Therefore, I want to stick mostly to visuals which don’t require concentration, with accompanying noise in the background. 

– Make audio very loud, distorted (Sharon also mentioned this) 

– Mostly Obama as the background, he will be the voice throughout. Also have audio from protestors, interrogation tapes, the camp protestors, leaders talking, news correspondents etc. 


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