Installation Documentary Draft #1

Today I made a short, three minute documentary in which I will play within the installation. I do not want this to be the focal point, but just a video to introduce my subject.

I have a lot of work to do on it…


  • Intro information – too much text? Delete Yemeni information and use this elsewhere in the installation as I can list the Yemen detainees within the installation.
  •  Introduction voice of Shaker Aamer should I introduce the text half way through? Should I use a photograph to show his face, or should I leave black? (I think black makes it better, also can represent lack of freedom with lack of information) Also, shall I split this in two to shorten, and use half of it as the end? “Either you let us die in peace, or tell the world the truth”
  • Clean up Haji Nasrat slide – typography not visually correct
  • Clean up Taj Mohammed slide – typography not visually correct, too squashed in
  • Not keen on the two detainee profiles with text. (Haji Nasrat & Taj Mohammed) Would like to stick with moving image instead of still photography but lack of footage of Guantanamo available online. If I stick with this, I should mute Obama so viewer can concentrate on the text better? Although this will ruin the background noise flow
  • More clips referring back to visuals of Obama?
  • Add in more sound from detainees? (Released detainees)
  • Include global protests and demonstrations or would this be too much?

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