Practical Project Rough Idea

Guantanamo Bay Installation

For my practical project, I want to make an installation representing current conditions in Guantanamo Bay. For this, I want my audience to really understand what it is like as much as possible, so I would like to make an installation in which individuals can walk in to the space physically. I will include a vast amount of information, which will cover the walls in a visually pleasing way, collected from reliable and leaked sources.

I will be doing a lot of research into this project, which I believe will make the project most reliable, shocking, and overall, effective. Furthermore, this will show how much information can be collected to expose also, especially in regards to social digital platforms such as Wikileaks, Liveleaks etc.



  • Sourcing information from digital platforms
  • How we are available to this information
  • Everything in the installation will represent something (very well researched, showing we can educate ourselves about something if we just look long enough)

Aesthetics, representing harsh conditions, torture:

  • Black, white and red themed EVERYTHING (Stripping of identity)
  • Small refined space (Solitary confinement, harsh small spaces)
  • Temperature change (Fans to represent coldness, heaters for heat. Torture)
  • Dark, black walls, white text (Claustrophobic, dark)
  • Light torture (One light flashing at timed intervals – torture mechanism, or a very very bright light, or a red filtered lightbulb)
  • Flashlight to look around (Overwhelming statistics ordered, representing how we are all in the dark about this information, but if we look hard enough, this information is accessible)
  • GTMO clock projected onto outside off the wall (Showing the amount of time it has been since President Obama has promised to release prisoners cleared for release from Guantanamo Bay)
  • Profile photos of faces (photos with their ID numbers, rather than original names. Shows how US number them to strip identity. Include why they are there and since when they have been cleared of charges)
  • Letters written to prisoners project (See how I can fit this in somehow)
  • Free Burma’s political prisoners (Use of the pens represented as cell bars, so individuals can take the pens out, releasing the prisons bars, and sign a petition)

Need to research:

  • Torture techniques
  • Space within cells
  • Detainee information
  • Psychological effects
  • Letters written to prisoners project (use quotes on the back of cards with “what you can do”)
  • Information on what can be done

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