New Receipt Drafts


Edited draft of receipt.

(Still has “middleton extra” – need to replace this)

Having problems finding out enough research to put on the receipts – Sainsbury;s is the only supermarket to publish its food waste figures.

I wanted to have Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda. However, whilst researching, there wasn’t enough sufficient statistics on Asda for me to put on the receipt. I might just use the two receipts or may even just stick to the one Tesco as I feel this is the strongest, although I still need to develop the Sainsbury’s receipt.

On the Tesco receipt I need to change the font to black so it looks more like a receipt, and get rid of “Last year”



Inserted the BBC article in which most of these facts were collected – should I use this? Can I think of something better?





I still need to develop this Sainsbury’s receipt. I am going to try with both receipts black, as this will make it look more like a receipt. I’m also going to make sure all the text is aligned so it is neater. I am also going to take out the “amount recycled” and “amount donated” as I don’t think this properly fits in with the receipt regarding waste.




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