#17 Learn a new word each day for a week

I’m very interested in languages. I went to a language grammar school and did GCSE’s in German and Spanish, and had italian lessons. Unfortunately, my mother never taught me Cantontese, although, I really want to learn this, and I am thinking of doing a language course in Singapore in the summer, where i can also get the TEFL.

For this task, I will be teaching myself simple Arabic phrases. I think Arabic is such a beautiful language, most of my friends in college were Arabs,  so I was used to hearing it on a daily basis. 

1. Habibi / Habibti – (Male / Female) حَبيبي : My Love

2. Ma’a ssalama!  مع السلامة : See you later 

3. Na’am نعم : Yes

4. La’a لا : No

5. Ana a’asef انا آسف : I’m sorry 

6. Kaifa haluka? كيف حالك؟ : How are you?

7. Bikhair, shukranبخير، شكرا انا : I’m fine thankyou

8. Azeem عظيم : Great!

9. Hal tatakallam al ingliziya? هل تتكلم الانكليزية؟ : Do you speak english ?

10. Mabrouk!  مبروك : Congratulations


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