Tetley Exhibition – Matt at AV Suite

Today I bought the material for the flag, some magnets (although I’m not sure if there strong enough), and some metallic silver spray.

I also printed out the logo in the print room. I will be cutting out the logo with a scalpel to make a template of the logo. From this, I will be able to spray paint or paint the template onto the flag, then also re-use it if I need to spray it onto my model’s body.

I also spoke to Matt in the AV suite, who said I could use the projector in the studio to use it in the film, the GoPro camera in the skateboarding film, and the 5D. I also spoke to him about the body motion video. He said he would look more into it for me, and also speak to Annabeth who specialises in this too. To make the film it would be harder than I thought, as the film uses 3D video such as kinect cameras, and the editing isn’t mostly after effects like what I thought it’d be.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 12.44.48

I emailed Matt the video of the body motion film I liked:

Matt replied with this email, giving me more information on how the body motion in film worked and also showed me a video that one of the tutors on the DFGA and an animation course guy made with the software Maya, I thought the film was very impressive!

Matt offered to help me use particle and fluid simulations in 3d programs or in after effects using the trapcode particular plug ins. I definitely want to focus on using this software for my next project as i’m very interested in the human body and movement within film, but I know it will take me time to learn all the software, and produce the film, so I will not use this in my film.



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