Film #2 – Pins and needles film – Detailed Research

1. Pins & Needles film 

  • Buy magnets for body and wire mesh / netting

I still need to buy the magnets which I will put onto the model’s body. It’s been quite hard finding perfect ones – most are too small, or look too bulky. I ned to find as flat as possible magnets so they are very light and won’t come off the model’s body too easily. I have already bought the pins and the circular silver rings, although the rings are a bit too small. It is also going to turn into an expensive project !

As I don’t have enough pins or rings and i’m not sure if i can afford a lot more, I may concentrate on just using them on the neck above rather than the whole body. A way I can do this would be to create a vail from chicken wire or netting, and gluing the magnets to it. Alternatively, the brand also has a bandana with the logo on it so I could cover this using the chicken wire or mesh.



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