Film #1 – Flag film – Detailed Research


  • Buy material for flag (5FT x 3FT – 150CM x 90CM)

I need to buy the material for making my flag. I’ve chosen to buy the material myself rather than buy an original flag. I think the material on a normal flag would be too thin and cheap, and i may not be able to print onto it properly. I want to have a thicker material so the colour’s are very bright. The material will be white, and i will trace and paint the logo onto it, or screenprint or make a spray paint template. I will buy bamboo poles to use as the pole, as I think this will look good with everything else being white and black.

  • Research morphing human body to a moose / after effects of moose

One of the logos for the brand is a stag. I watched the TV series Hannibal (2013) and thought it was amazing, I especially loved the effects in at. Within it, there was a big creepy animal, I think it was a stag / moose.


I’d love to make a short, dark film where the model starts morphing into a moose over time. The film would be cut up into a lot of short clips, with 3 second paused black outs. In between of these black outs, the person would slowly be morphing into the moose.

I also liked the photo of the creepy moose – as I’m already thinking of using body paint, I could paint my model fully black/brown, and collect two big twigs or more to make antlers.



  • Material for flag
  • Bamboo
  • Silver body paint


  • Make flag
  • Ask about morphing into animal
  • Buy antlers (or collect twigs) and think of how it can be connected to a head


Wearing if turning into moose:

  • Black / brown body paint (if to turn her into moose)
  • Plain underwear

Wearing if morphing into moose in after effects:

  • Brand’s “Gramm” leggings
  • Simple black top

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