New proposal for Visual Literacy Tetley Exhibition

After a week of planning my project, I’ve realised that this project will take me a lot longer than what I originally thought, and I now think I was being too optimistic in thinking that I would have it completed within the three week time limit. I still really want to do this project at some point, however, I have realised that it is best if I stick to the project being in Manchester rather than Leeds. If it were to be in Manchester I know a lot of people who I could contact who would be willing to get involved. I am also a lot more familiar with the city, and surrounding suburbs, so the content would be a lot more effective, and with more time, the project can be greatly improved instead of me working crazily to a short deadline.

After thinking this, I have decided to change the project I initially wanted to do. This weekend, I helped out a friend with his clothing line, I really like the design and style of the brand, and as i still want to try at art direction, I have decided to make a series of short fashion films and photography. For the first visual literacy brief I delved a bit into film. This module I would like to further that and work more in film, particularly in the studio.


Moving body image in film:

1. Using motion data in film –


2. Using magnets – 

I would ideally use a performance artist or dancer for both videos.

3. Skateboarding film using smokebombs

I want to create a short film using 2/3 individuals. There will be an individual stood in the middle of the ramp with the two skateboarders crossing over the individual. The two or three skateboarders will be holding two different coloured smokebombs. I will edit the film so it is slow motion to see the smoke clearly. As the brand has balaclavas as part of their line, the person standing in the middle will have this on (or the two skateboarders, with the person in the middle with a tshirt form the line)

4. Photography

I’d like to photograph, or film, an individual wearing minimalistic clothing, holding up a flag with the logo of the brand on one side (the font, which i will get printed or screen print myself) where the model will bring up above their head, then turn it around to show the other logo which represents the brand. As the brands logo is in black and white, this will be a black and white video.

Video – (1 Minute 36 Seconds – 1 Minute 54 Seconds)

5. Short film

Similiar to the gas mask short film i made, I’d like to make another similiar one using the balaclava the brand has. This will be done using lighting, which I didn’t use in this video as I hadn’t had my induction yet. I would want the smoke to spell out the brand name, Gramm, which I hope to do on Photoshop.

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 17.42.15


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