Visual Literacy Project – Tetley Exhibition

So I had my tutorial with Sharon on Monday about the Visual Literacy project. For this project, I am going to do something I have wanted to do for a while based in Manchester, although I will base this project in Leeds.

I think this is quite a personal project – I have started thinking to take the route into Art Direction, rather than focus on one medium such as film or photography, so I have set myself with this project to see if this is something that I will want to do after. I have always been interested in business aswell, from having a little online clothes shop and doing A level business, so I want to educate myself about promoting and advertising a website through social media, Facebook and Instagram, and other aspects.

For this project, I will be making a website of Leeds. Within this, I will be including a range of different things;

1. Explore Leeds (Forests, lakes, walks)

2. Local businesses (Craft businesses,

3. Events (Museums, art galleries)

4. Map of Leeds (Map designed in Photoshop)

5. Independent food businesses (Deli’s, cafe’s, artisan food, organic food shops)

6. Christmas gift ideas (Making plant wreaths, christmas gift ideas)

7. People of Leeds (Random portraits or random people – art gallery librarian, bus driver, police officer, farmer)

8. Dinner dates (Recipes, cost, using food from local farmers markets)

9. Recent graduates work and short interview, film or just text (LCA Students / Leeds ballet school / Leeds uni)

10. Short random films (short, 2 minute films around Leeds, which can be recognised as being in Leeds, Hyde Park etc)

9. Photo blog (Showing process)

  • The initial idea I had would take a long time to do, and would be a continuous project with a lot of time put into it. I have written a list above of the aspects I’d like to use. I will include as much content as possible, although, this is a project I would like to carry on
  • As I want to have an insight of Art Direction, I will be (trying) to design the website, photographing, filming, communicating with local events, cafes, food businesses, farmers, and writing for the website.
  •  I want to focus on the design of this website, which will differentiate it from other websites – I want the website very white, clean, and minimalistic.
  • I really want to focus on the leeds community, so want to include a lot of whats happening around Leeds and celebrate the people, too

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