Visual Literacy Evaluation



What have you learnt and how have you gone about learning it?

During the visual literacy module, I have focused on film as my main practice. In the module, I wanted to experiment with both the Final Cut Pro, and Premiere software, playing around producing and researching different kinds of style of film to see which types of film I want to delve into for future projects, and I also wanted to educate myself more about lighting in the studios.

To go about this, I have produced three short films. One being a fashion film, with a dark / eerie feel using masks and smoke, a short documentary film of an outing with my family to a local National Trust Park, and another of a long portrait of two of my friends. I have also researched different types of film using Vimeo, Showstyle & YouTube. I also had a studio lighting induction in college, and took books out of the library for further reading.

What else do you have to learn?

I think there’s quite a lot I still need to learn – and I’m excited for it! I know I still have quite a lot to learn on both Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, particularly Premiere as this is the software used at College. There are a lot of things I would like to change with the films I have made, so I will be going down to Matt regularly to show him how I can get these effects.

My time organisation is a huge problem for me, still. Yet again in this module, I worry too much about the end product and lack with showing my process, which was a huge mistake in this particular module. I wasted a lot of time planning and thinking about a short film I could make, instead of just going out there and start filming. However, I have learnt hugely from this mistake from making these short films, as it shows I should just go out and get it done and it takes a lot quicker than I initially imagined.

How effective was your research and self-directed projects in helping you to develop your understanding?

My research was important for me to help understand what kind of films I want to create in my next module and throughout the year, especially as they are quite different from one another. My self directed projects helped me a lot in learning the new softwares, planning a film, and structuring a film.

How important was the process of getting things wrong?

The process of getting things wrong was very important! I should have started my practical work a lot earlier than when I did – then maybe I could have more films, more editing, longer, etc. I wasted a lot of time thinking about screenwriting, as I’m not sure if I am that into it now – I prefer to see things visually in my head rather than writing a script.

How are broader developments going to affect you?

Technology is rapidly increasing around us, so I believe that developments will also hugely increase, too. In the aspect of film-making, broader developments may affect this as it is becoming easier to film with new products which weren’t accessible before. Although they aren’t as easily accessible now, I believe in the future they will be. For example, I went to a Ted Talk last night in Manchester, and there was a speaker there, Thad Starner, who represented the Google Glasses, and spoke of how you can film directly from the glasses. This aspect of being able to film so easily free-hand will affect the film industry in one way as it will probably be replicated by other companies, and may replace video cameras, DSLR’s, etc.

Editing software will also be improving all the time (an example of this is that college now use Premiere Pro rather than Final Cut Pro.) This development will affect me in a way as I have Final Cut Pro on my laptop, so it is a lot easier to work on that form home, although, I wouldn’t be able to continue to use that software in college.

What have you learnt about yourself, managing a project and independent study?

I have learnt that I think I prefer independent study as it gives me a lot more freedom to look into and research what I want. At the middle of the module after my initial research, I started wasting a lot of time as I knew I had to produce something, so I overthought this with my planning, instead of producing a film. From this module I have definitely learnt the importance of time keeping and organization, as I now know I am capable of making these films in a really short time as I crammed it all in in the end!


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