Dunham Massey Short Film Results

I wanted to explore with making another very short film, so set out to make a two minute film, luckily, the song I wanted to use was also two minutes. This weekend, as part of my COP project documenting my grandfather, i also wanted to film an outing we had to Dunham Park, as it was such a beautiful day and I wanted to structure a film using lots of different clips in Final Cut Pro, as I hadn’t before.

I’m glad with the results, although I was running out of clips to use towards the end, which I was quite disappointed about. This showed that I should have filmed a lot more – anything and everything! I inserted some photography into the film, however, I feel as if it doesn’t fit in too well. This is something i want to learn for the future, how to incorporate photography into film successfully. The quality of the film shows me that I haven’t set up the DSLR settings properly as it is quite fuzzy. I used a filter to change the colour on Final Cut Pro.


(YouTube is being SO slow and is estimating that this film will take 5 hours to load… and it’s only two minutes long. This is the link that they have told me it will go to when finished. Time now – Half 3 and 35% done)


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