Film Editing – Results

Film 1

I’m happy with the results from this film, however, I should have cropped and repositioned it as its not central!

Film 2

I would have changed the blending from the first film to the second film so it would have been introduced more slow, as I think the transition was too fast. I could have changed the lighting of the second film, too, so it was darker more like the first film.

Film 3

I wanted to play around with different lighting, so made the film to go from a lighter contrast to darker contrast.

Film 4

I made this film to play around with as many editing effects as possible.

Whilst making this film, I learnt on Premier Pro:

  • How to convert film to black and white
  • How to add noise / distort
  • How to add text (although I need to learn more on this, as I wanted it to be Film 1, Film 2, Film 3)
  • How to slow down a film
  • How to crop and zoom
  • How to reverse clips
  • How to fade in and fade out
  • How to pause frames
  • How to sharpen
  • How to add audio

Overall, I really enjoyed making the film, and feel like I am comfortable with using Premiere Pro, and if I ever get stuck, there are so many tutorial videos and notes online in which I can refer to. I have definitely learnt the importance of NOT OVER PLANNING. Yet again, I tried planning my work too much to visualise the outcome, when instead, I should have started filming from day one, then I could have made a longer film or more short films.


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