COP Tutorial with David – 04/10/13

Had my tutorial with David today about my documentary photography project. He told me not to over think the project as I could overdo it and potentially ruin the project. We decided that the best form to show my work would be through a photobook – simple, clean, with each photo on a double spread, or on the right hand side of the book, with one or two sentences of information on the left hand page.

As I’ll be taking the photos this weekend, I hope to have completed the photography side by Tuesday 12th October, so I can hopefully finish the book and send it off to Blurb in time for the deadline. (If I don’t have enough time, David suggesting that I simply print the photos or staple them together in a book, however, i would much rather produce a photobook, in particularly, so I can give one to my Grandad)


– Remember to document how I will be living there also whilst I will be undergoing the project (photo of the bed I’ll be sleeping in, two cups of coffee etc)

– Start to write out introduction and notes

– How have I seen him change myself throughout the years?


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