COP Project In Response To Essay – Documentary Photography


For the COP project in response to the essay, I will produce a photo book documenting the elderly (my grandad.) Initially, Elliot and I wanted to collaborate to do this, where we would photograph and make a few short films several elderly individuals documenting a sense of isolation within independent elderly people who would rather live at home. We then emailed David asking his opinion on whether we would have enough time to do it, then he responded that it was probably a little too ambitious to complete within the time frame, and suggested that I should do a more contained version for COP then if we’re still interested in it, we should take it further into either the responsive or live project modules.

So I’ve decided that for my project I will focus on this idea, but use my grandad. My grandad is 89 and such an important person in my life. He lives independently on the same road as me in Manchester, and has been living on his own for around 40 years. Despite family members suggesting he should maybe move to a care home as he is getting quite forgetful and wobbly, he refuses as he is too attached to his home. Too many memories are in his house, and his garden is his world. I know he’s lonely…. despite myself and my papa living on the same road, my papa is a pilot so he has always been working away a lot of the time, and my sister lives in London.

– Is it better for the elderly to live independently until they can’t in order to exercise the brain and do things for themselves?
– Or is it best for the elderly to live in a care home to prevent falls, emergencies etc?
– How much can we suggest to the elderly about living in a care home before we sound patronising?
– Are care homes really that good? Some articles recently suggest otherwise?

I wanted to document my grandad as he just fascinates me, and I think the elderly are full of the most interesting stories and knowledge. He was born and grew up in Leeds, attended Leeds College of Art, then went into being a landscape architect, then a landscape architect lecturer at Manchester University. He reads copious amounts of books, gardens till it goes dark, and adores classical music.


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