Making a short film

So as part of my visual literacy I wanted to create a short video. I didn’t have a point to make in the video or a real subject – I just wanted to play around with a simple idea so I could learn more about structuring and planning the film then learn how to use premier afterwards. So me and my housemates made a short film using masks I bought from the market and fancy dress shop. I wanted to get out lighting but as I haven’t had an induction yet, I couldn’t. So instead, I used my iPhone flash torch for the lighting.

I then wanted to start editing on Premier as I’m very unfamiliar with the software. I found lighting styles I liked but I’m not sure how I can recreate them in Premier. I’ll go to Matt in the AV suite and see if he show me how, or I’ll try and work it out myself via google.

Notes for Matt at the av suite:

• I’d like the film to have more lighting without ruining the quality.

• I’d like to learn new effects which could longer out the video.

• I’d like to try and edit the lighting so all of the short films look similar to one another






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