Research – Documentary Film – One Minute Wonder

One Minute Wonder

” The One Minute Wonder series is created by innovations-studio Present Plus. ‘Present Plus’ is a term that was coined a few years ago to define a new tense or moment in time that is somewhere between the present (now) and the future. A fundamental thought when founding our company. It’s about a point in time that the internet, cloud, and technology has made possible.

Technology allows people to obtain information and products faster and simpler than ever before, creating a point where the future is always within reach. Present Plus, as a company, wanted to be part of this movement and shape it. But with time being precious, we aimed to have equally precious stories be told in a time frame even the busiest people could digest. One Minute Wonders tells the story of others doing the same. They tell us to reach further. ”

I’d love to do a series of short films involving the people of Manchester. I really like the thought of celebrating people or businesses in our community, and celebrating what they have achieved or what they have done. Or simply, to advertise their business. If I were to do this, I would want to interview a range of different people. For example:

– An individual who helped design an important part of architecture in Manchester
– A documentary photographer based in Manchester
– A graffiti artist based in Manchester
– A jazz band based in Manchester
– A comedian who regularly performs in Manchester
– A graduate who just received an impressive award for textile design
– A successful cake business in Manchester
– An author based in Manchester


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