Light Night

Light Night

1. How did your group develop the idea for the project? Was it well through through, did you all play an active role?

We had a few ideas for the stall originally, however, they were constantly changing. Our initial idea was to have a photobooth where people could take photos and then we would upload the photos onto a Tumblr, however, a group had already chosen this as their idea. 

We originally had the pin the nose on the clown idea at the beginning as it was simple, effective and cheap to produce. The idea to include politicians was to make the game more interesting (as apposed to just using a clown) and also more suitable for older individuals. Although I was ill during the production of the stall, I played an active role in interacting on Light Night and actually really enjoyed it.

2. How well did you collaborate and work together?

We worked well together as a group, and ensure that we did the Light Night in two shifts so half did the earlier slot, and the other half did the later.

3. What went well with the making and running of the stall?

I think it was quite aesthetically pleasing so it attracted quite a few people. The game was quite straight forward and not over complicated so a lot of children wanted to get involved in it and had fun with it. The print of the clown we used was really effective, and the face templates also.

4. What did not go well?

The stand on which we placed the face of the politician on was too high for younger children, so it was difficult for them to reach it, resulting in us having to take it off the stand each time. Instead, we should have lowered the stand so children could easily play.

 5. Use examples to describe how people engaged with your stall and how you managed different ages & abilities.

I think our stall worked really well with engaging with the different ages. I think this because the game was simple and quite entertaining for both ages, and as the faces were politicians, the elder individuals made their own discussions and jokes from this, so in this way they could engage more rather than the younger people, who were more interested in the pinning of the nose

 6. If you could do it again, what would you do differently?

If we were to do it again, I would have made different levels to the game. A lot of the younger children really liked the game and wanted to play it a few times. However, because the game was so simple, they were just repeating the same thing. Next time, I would have made different obstacles or made it harder (such as spinning round more times, more faces to pin the noses on, or two faces so a husband and wife could play together, or a brother and sister could compare results) I would have also made sure that the children could reach the board easily.


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