Visual Literacy Proposal Form

What is your action plan for the year?

This year, I want to familiarise myself with film. i want to research into different styles of film that I’m interested in – documentaries, fashion films, music videos, experimental film, etc. I want to learn more about the structure of how a film is made, and I also want to play around more on both Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.

What technology, equipment and software are you likely to use as a practitioner?

As a practitioner, I want to familiarise myself and experiment with the Premiere Pro software, have an induction and learn more about studio lighting and rent out a DSLR to film on with wide angle lens and a fish eye lens.

Identify gaps in your knowledge?

As I have never really used FCP or Premiere, i want to focus a lot on this. I think its very important that I feel more familiar and comfortable with this software. I also don’t know a lot about the technical side of using a DSLR – the different settings, etc.

What learning are you doing to support this?

As I have FCP on my laptop at home, I will be playing around with this software, as I know it’s not too different from Premiere Pro which i can use in college. I will also be getting out library books on using DSLR in video.



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